Meet #wilsonnation

Meet the Wilson family! We are big and we can get pretty loud. My husband, Jarvis, and I have five amazingly beautiful and chaotic children: Elijah, Hannah, Gabriella, Alexandria, and Josiah (from left).

Our Story

We are, for a lack of better words, the ultimate average family. We wrestle on the carpet, do homework (and sometimes home school work) sitting on top of the kitchen table, and we love movie nights. We fight and fuss, we have melt downs, and I have not found a pair of matching socks in this house since 2013. We love God, we love each other, but sometimes we forget to show it. We cook...a lot and spend probably 87% of our lives in our kitchen. We are #wilsonnation

Victoria Wilson

Victoria is the owner and founder of Bring it Home by Victoria. She holds a bachelor's in Psychology, a Masters in Marriage and Family HR Counseling, and is completing her Masters in Pastoral Counseling. Victoria loves to write about her adventures in family, faith, and food. Her family lives in Georgia.

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