WELCOME to Bring it Home by Victoria...

If you know me, even a tiny bit, you know that there are three things that are incredibly important to me. These three things drive who I am, what I do, and ultimately what I believe.

The first is my faith. As a believer in Christ, it is my belief that having a solid foundation in God is the first and most important piece to anything I could ever share with anyone.

The second is my crazy family. I know things can get chaotic in any family, but it is my deepest belief that families are indeed the souls to every single community. When our families (flaws and all) are loved and cared for in spiritual, emotional, and physical ways our communities can only be better for it.

And lastly- food. Yes. Food. I have a very special relationship with food. And not the unhealthy, sickly kind of relationship. The type of relationship that recognizes that food, in any language, can bring my first two loves, faith and family, into a beautiful harmony in anyone's home.

So what does all of this have to do with you? My hope has always been that something that we do here at Bring it Home by Victoria (be it a blog-full of faithful inspiration, a delicious recipe, or an event that will bring your family closer together) will ultimately help your family bring home more love, deeper peace, and a strength that will hold your home together through all of its ups and downs. Enjoy...


Peace, Love, and Strength

Victoria Wilson


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